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 CompanySymbolLocationIndustryMkt Cap%  
InterContinental Exchange, Inc. ICE Atlanta, GA Business Servic... $10B 100
Alliant Energy Corp. LNT Madison, WI Diversified Uti... $4.1B 100
OGE Energy Corp. OGE Oklahoma City, ... Electric Utilit... $3B 99
NYMEX Holdings Inc. NMX New York, NY Diversified Inv... $9B 99
Enbridge Energy Partners LP EEP Houston, TX Oil & Gas Pipel... $4.8B 99
AGL Resources Inc. ATG Atlanta, GA Gas Utilities $2.7B 99
Puget Energy Inc. PSD Bellevue, WA Electric Utilit... $3.6B 99
Nisource Inc. NI Merrillville, I... Diversified Uti... $4.9B 99
Sierra Pacific Resources SRP Reno, NV Diversified Uti... $3.1B 99
Reliant Energy Inc. RRI Houston, TX Electric Utilit... $8.9B 99
Atmos Energy Corp. ATO Dallas, TX Gas Utilities $2.4B 99
Xcel Energy Inc. XEL Minneapolis, MN Electric Utilit... $9.2B 99
Dynegy Inc. DYN Houston, TX Electric Utilit... $8.1B 98
Quicksilver Resources Inc. KWK Fort Worth, TX Independent Oil... $6B 98
TEPPCO Partners LP TPP Houston, TX Oil & Gas Pipel... $3.4B 98
Provident Energy Trust PVX Calgary, Canada Diversified Inv... $2.9B 98
Provident Energy Trust PVE-UN.TO Calgary, AB, Ca... Oil & Gas $3B 98
CNX Gas Corporation CXG South Park, PA Oil & Gas Drill... $6.5B 98
El Paso Pipeline Partners, L.P. EPB Houston, TX Gas Utilities $1.9B 98
Equitable Resources Inc. EQT Pittsburgh, PA Gas Utilities $8.9B 98
Southern Union Co. SUG Houston, TX Gas Utilities $3.3B 98
DPL Inc. DPL Dayton, OH Diversified Uti... $3.2B 98
Spectra Energy Partners, LP SEP Houston, TX Oil & Gas Pipel... $1.6B 98
Quanta Services Inc. PWR Houston, TX General Contrac... $5B 98
Exterran Holdings, Inc. EXH Houston, TX Oil & Gas Equip... $4.8B 98

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